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Aura Cloud Demo Offer

The single biggest driver of our marketing is 'transparency' and by opening up our banking platform to you, we can affirm all the "features and benefits" we promise you in our communication.

As a part of this experience we offer you access to the following key items:
We will create a "bank" entity for you in our platform and share login details which will authorize you as a fully functional bank across all our banking systems.
You will be provided with distinct links to Internet bank, Front office, Core banking and Data management systems which can be accessed through the login details that will be shared with you post sign-up.
You can access video tutorials for key banking functions and business processes implemented using our banking platform.
You will have a '30 day framework' at your disposal which will handhold you through this trial period..
You can download "your" bank's Mobile Apps from the PlayStore and the AppStore.